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I discovered that systematically copies content of my site - in cases I submitted the link to DZone. A short check showed that they copied 16 sites from Software Engineering Candies. Maybe they copied also your content! For my copied sites I submitted immediately a deletion request to Google's DMCA-Dashboard and strongly recommend you to do the same. 

Duplicate content may lead to a reduced PageRank of your site (see Webmaster Tools - Duplicate Content) and is something serious. I spend a lot of time to write original and high value content. Stealing this is not a trivial offense. At least there should be some added value in the article.  These guys from are just thieves - they copy all without added value. 

Example of Stolen Content 

Figure 1: Stolen Content

  • Take a characteristic sentence from the middle of the article (they remove sometimes the first passage) and google it with quotation marks. Look at the additional results (usually hidden).

  • If you find that they copied your original article, please use the Google's DMCA-Dashboard to
    submit a deletion request. 

  • Please, forward this recommendation to all your friends and/or bloggers (with links at DZone).

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