How to Find Valid Email Addresses with Regular Expressions in Java?

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By Markus Sprunck; Revision: 1.2; Status: final; Last Content Change: Jan 28, 2013; 
Validating email addresses can be a tricky task. The picture shows a more complex regex for validation of email addresses. If your preferred operating system is unix, you would usually use the grep program to run the regex, but some-times we have to do this job within a Java program.

Basic Regular Expression for Finding Valid Email Addresses

The regular expression used in the example code: 


is one of the simplest possible. In a lot of cases this simple expression is good enough. It consists of five parts:

  [A-Z0-9._%+-]+  the first part of mail address may contain all characters, numbers, points, underscores, percent, plus and minus.
 2.   @ the @ character is mandatory
 3.   [A-Z0-9.-]+ the second part of mail address may contain all characters, numbers, points, underscores. 
 4.   \\. the point is mandatory
 5.   [A-Z]{2,4} the domain name may contain all characters. The number of characters is limited between 2 and 4.

To get a better impression how regular expressions work you may visit Regular Expressions - User Guide.

Complex Regular Expression for Finding Valid Email Addresses

To get deeper into the topic you may visit a specialized page. There you find different expressions with more or less complex implementations like the following:


a very complex expression from [2].

Java Example Code to Call Regular Expression to Validate Email Addresses 

// File #1:

// File #2: Test.txt

// Expected output

If the correct encoding is important, the Scanner class could be used - like in the following code snippet:

// Better way to read a file with correct encoding


[1] Regular expression, Wikipedia;
[2] How to Find or Validate an Email Address,;

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