The Top 10 Dark Secrets of IT Architects

Maybe you are already an experienced IT architect, on the way to become an architect or just a wannabe. In all cases this article should be helpful and give some new insights.

Dysfunctional Misconceptions

There are a lots of myths and misconceptions about the work of It architects. One reasons for this situation is that almost nobody talks about the truth. At least with outsiders of the architects community.

Some of these secrets are a like a venereal diseases. They exist but nobody talks about it. The truth is that the architect doesn't make the architecture.

Common Decision Factors

Limited Know-how of the team

Boundaries within the organisation

Missing Accountability

Who is in the meeting?

Bad gut felling

Corporate history

Budget restriction

Legacy Application Landscape

Strategic Restrictions

Corporate Specific KPIs

IT-Architecture Manifesto

Always strive for the best technical solution

Don't be discouraged if it ends up with a suboptimal compromise

Walk the talk

You must be able to design and code what you decide

Live Transparency

Facilitate communication and make decisions transparent documented

Share Knowledge

Share know-how and teach if needed

Influence without Politics

Manage politics, but don't be an active player in the dirty game