A lightweight Ethereum event explorer for smart contracts, an highly useful tool, when you develop smart contracts and your source code is not yet submitted to Etherscan

Reduce Waste with Clever Communication

A lot of time and energy is wasted every day due to inefficient communication in development projects, maintenance teams and IT operations units.

Top 11 Tips to Develop Unmaintainable Code

Have an excellent paid job for the rest of your life. The key skill is the obfuscation of the code, besides poor design, no test cases and overly complex algorithms.

The technical and business know-how is more important for younger software engineers and the soft skills getting increasingly relevant for senior software engineers.

The following article describes the most important misconceptions concerning IT security. Includes some helpful tips and links.

Simple Damped Pendulum - Solved and Visualised with R

This article describes how to solve the differential equations of a damped pendulum with the R language and render resulting diagrams in a web page.

Emotional Intelligence is a key success factor in business and private life. As Software Engineers emotions are usually not your main focus in daily work. Our strengths are logic, algorithms, rational behavior and solving difficult puzzles.

This experiment shows an Artificial Neural Network which learns to detect the frequency of the input signal independent from the phase. You may start here with desktop browser.

How to Successfully Pretend to Work Hard as Software Developer?

Work hard, be clever and fast if you work, then allow yourself to do what you like to do in the remaining time.

A Web Application that visualizes the activities in a running server with WebGL.

The browser captures the video signal and compares subsequent frames to detect motion of the user. You may start here with desktop browser.

Simulated Annealing

Simulated annealing for global optimization problems using Java. The application reads a caller-callee-graph, some initial cluster information and makes a cluster analysis.

A small Java example which demonstrates a simple way to tunnel HTTP protocol through firewalls.

Reduce Waste with Clever Communication

The following rules of thumb should be helpful to get quick effort estimations. They explain typical scenarios in development and/or maintenance tasks.

Periodic Table of Software Engineering

In this short article you may read that low-skilled developers tend to mistakenly overrate their own and others abilities.

Solve Verbal Arithmetic

Describes basics of Constraint Programming with CHOCO3. Constraint Programming is a very powerful method to solve certain classes of real world problems and puzzles.

Lessons Learned from GPU Experiments with Aparapi

In the following you can read about some experiments with Aparapi for GPU programming. The results have not been completely satisfying, but after all very insightful.

Rube Goldberg Software

Three programs in different languages, i.e. Java, Python and C++ and with identical functionality create and call each other in a cyclic manner.

Periodic Table of Software Engineering

Collection of most important and fundamental elements of software engineering. It may serve as a guideline what a software engineer or programmer should learn, know and most of them practice.

Finite Element Method Simulation running in a web browser and uses device orientation signals. You may start here with mobile browsers.


Lambda Expressions have been released with Java 8. So, they are not completely new, but I know many experienced developers which are not familiar with them and/or use them where reasonable.

User interface rendered with THREE.js so that it can be displayed in Oculus Rift for both eyes. You may start here with desktop browsers.

A Library to Empirically Estimate Big-O Time Efficiency and Check Results of Analysis in JUnit Tests

Measure big-o time efficiency and checks the results of this analysis in standard JUnit tests.